• Concept to Completion

    It's common for homeowners to have an idea of what they want, but to have a hard time articulating what their true vision is. Our number one goal is to listen to your desires and concerns. Only then will we develop a concept for your home or remodeled space. Just like all great pieces of art, architecture and design are inspired first by a concept.

    In order to match your ideas with the building plans, every design project begins with an in-depth interview. During the interview, we want to figure out what excites you and what makes you uncomfortable. It's the intangibles that often can't be expressed in sketches or words alone, but they need to be taken into account in the design concept. Of course, we also need to understand any budgetary restraints so that we can create a design that is financially achievable as well. By the time we finish the in-depth interview, we will have an understanding of the project, both in vision and in scope, which drives the direction of project all the way through to completion.

  • Capturing Your Style

    During the early part of the design process, Avision will spend time with you to determine what your “style” is. You may not feel that you have a particular style, but our in-depth interview process will help determine your likes and dislikes. Early on, you will be asked to tag pictures in either a book or magazine so that we can talk about what qualities you like about the images. You will be amazed to see how the ideas unfold for your new space!

  • Remodeling a Living Space

    Transforming an existing living space can be a fun and rewarding challenge. Like solving a puzzle, figuring out a unique solution for your particular space is a favorite activity at Avision Design. Once we have a solid design concept and style, we can start the drawings which will include floor plans, interior elevations and walk-through spaces. After generating the floor plan(s), we will finish the construction and permit drawings.

  • Creating a Custom Home

    Art and architecture go hand in hand! The lay of the land combined with site lines and imagery are the framework behind designing a new home. The process of creating your home is an interactive one. At each meeting, we will further define and refine the design, taking in all factors to create a plan that will exceed your dreams. As the process proceeds, you will see your vision take form on paper. We are with you every step of the way, from the inception to the completion of your custom dream home. We strive to make the entire process both fun and rewarding for you and for us, just as it should be!

    At Avision Design, our goal is to create a home that is uniquely your vision!