Phase 1 - As-Built Drawings - Based upon field measurements and photographs taken of your existing structure, we will generate 1/8" scaled floor plans and elevations of existing conditions. These plans will show room sizes and ceiling heights for the areas to be remodeled. Then we will prepare a site plan showing existing structures, lot lines, setbacks and visible utilities based on an ILC or survey, if available. Any local government regulations and requirements, such as permits and allowances, will be taken care of during Phase 1.

Phase 2 - Schematic Design - From the site plan developed in Phase 1, we will look at schematic floor plan layouts that we will customize to your project. This phase is important because it gives us a chance to make suggestions back and forth, making the project a fun and rewarding experience for both of us. Once everyone is happy with the plans and the design is heading in the right direction, we can move on to Phase 3.


Phase 3 - Design development - Based on the plan or combination of plans you have decided upon in phase 2, we will generate interior and exterior elevations and elevation options for the new space(s). Plans, sections and elevations will be drawn at 1/4" scale for you to review.


Phase 4 - Working Drawings - Once the drawings have all been approved, the drawings notes, dimensions and code information will be added to the drawing set for permit and construction.

Final drawings will include existing plans and elevations, existing and proposed site plans, interior elevations, exterior elevations, sections and electrical sheet(s) to indicate outlet, fixture and switch locations.

At the completion of the Working Drawing Phase, drawings will be submitted to the builder for final cost estimates and permit submittal. The last set of drawings will address code and permit requirements for your community..