Alice Rotunno graduated from the School of Architecture & Planning in May of 1996. She always had a love for art, design and architecture. Right out of college she worked with McStain Enterprises, in Boulder Colorado in the design department with owner Carlone Hoyt. She became the site planner and an integral part of the design team for the next 3 years. She moved on to 2 other very well known architectural firms in the Boulder area, Eric Smith Associates and Knudson Gloss where she continued to fine tune her focus on residential architecture. After having two beautiful children, she joined up with Patricia Wilder, AIA and worked out of her home for Wilder Architecture & Planning, P.C. for the next 4 ½ years. Patricia Wilder and Alice Rotunno were a terrific team and designed many great remodels, kitchens, bathrooms, home additions, basement finish plans and custom home design. The design freedom Alice experienced with Wilder Architecture is what inspired her to start Avision Design.

Avision Design specializes in services that span from remodels to custom homes from the ground up. Projects also include kitchen remodels, bathroom makeovers, decks and basement finish plans. From design conceptualization and construction documents, we provide top creativity and careful attention to detail throughout the entire design process. With a strong background in architecture and planning, we design and develop the documentation builders bid from and city officials require to obtain building permits. Avision Design inspires clients to get involved with their projects so they can be an integral part of the design process.

Alice Rotunno